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Your interior designer business website is essentially an ambassador for you and your business on Google. This is what will represent you to the world on Google. It is up to that design to ensure that all the visitors arriving on your website sees you and your interior design business is the right choice for their requirements.

The most important thing about your website is that it makes the perfect impression and turns ‘visitors into buyers’.

In short, businesses these days (for the most part) live and die by their web design. This is an incredibly important investment and one that can provide incredible ROI if you get it right.

At Interior Designers Marketing Club we understand every aspect of great interior decorating web design, development and marketing and can build your website in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your interior design business. We create websites that work perfectly, look beautiful and that thrive on Google page #1.

How do you really know if a website is working? Because it will increase your telephone call frequency, your engagement and your sales. We focus on the bottom line to create websites that work for their business.

So what makes a great web design?

A great interior designer’s website needs to make the right impression as soon as your visitor open it. This means it should look highly professional, modern, eye catching, crisp, should feature high resolution images and an intuitive layout. At the same time, it should be effective in immediately communicating what your website is about, who it is aimed toward and what services you offer. If someone lands on your page and they do not instantly know what it is that you are ‘selling/providing’ then they will leave within 60-seconds or less. Then they need to know where to click, how to get the information they want and what to do next. Do not be mistaken – a minute is actually a relatively average amount of time for visitors to spend on any website!

But these days, it is not enough for a website to just look the part. At the same time, it needs to be designed with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind so that Google can easily search and index its pages and content (So, your website can be seen on Google page number one). It also needs to work on all manner of different screen sizes and devices. If your site doesn’t use a responsive design for mobile (Smart phones), if it doesn’t have touch-friendly controls, then you are going to get penalized by Google and you are going to lose visitors.

Your page needs to load quickly, it needs to present information in the right manner and it needs to be free from errors. This is all part of great web design and web development.

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